Total Solar Eclipse
August 21, 2017
We came, we watched, we were AMAZED!!
Thanks to everyone that didn't get scared off by the hype and made the trip with us! And also helped to make it a great day!
Photo and Video Gallery
!! Next Total Eclipse !!
--- April 8th, 2024 ---
The best place to see it in the US will be south Texas. Over twice as long as this one! I am planning on being there!
For detailed general eclipse info and path map:
Bill's Idaho Path Map
Google map with better zoom than EclipseWise
Timing at Our Viewing Site
Start of Partial:
10:11 AM
Start of Total:
11:26 AM
End of Total:
11:28 AM
End of Partial:
12:49 PM
2 min 7 sec
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